March Monthly Summary and Recap

March 2013 is the first real month back caching for me since September 2011. I did have three finds in February, as I was still not sure I wanted to return to Geocaching at that time.
Now that I’m back, I like to keep track of my progress, in part because I’m just that big of a geek, but also because it may just keep me interested for a more consistent basis. So lets dive right in:

  • 44 total caches found & attended (this is a new all time record, replacing April 2010)
  • 16 days cached (previous record was 14 days in April 2010)
  • of the 16 days cached, 11 were new unique calender dates
  • I reached the 300 finds threshold on March 9, 2013.
  • Broke the old consecutive days with a find of 5, getting six days in a row from March 5 to March 10.
  • I added two new icons (cache types) never found before. Wherigo & Webcam
  • So far, 2013 has the highest cache find rate of .5165 on 3/31 & .0808 all time find rate of the same date.
  • On the way to achieving goal of 150 unique days (March started at 108 and ended at 119).
  • Also added two new Difficulty/Terrain grid blocks, 2×4.5 on 3/25 and then 3×2.5 twice on 3/31.
  • The finds this month moved March from a cumulative rank of 5th to 2nd, from 19 total to 63 total.

I also attended two events this month, one not really that social, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in DC (first ever event cache I attended in DC). The other was a nice little dinner meet in Rockville, MD. I’m hoping I can also make the April event (it is every first Wednesday of the month, but April is my last month in Maryland).

Some of the statistics and increase in cache finds was thanks in part to the ever increasing number of new caches in Maryland. Even to go out and get nearby caches isn’t that hard. I’m far from finding all the caches around home, work, etc.

One observation, at least for this month, the first real full month since I last cached in late 2011, Small cache size and Micros have really taken over. Regular sizes are really becoming more and more rare like the large size.

There may be more to tell, but that is pretty much the jest. It is my first monthly summary. I’m also working on a page just focused on firsts in caching adventures. April may not be as eventful.

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