About iGeoWarrior

History of My Outdoor life

Outdoors has always been a part of my life. Not the most extreme or anything, but always tried to find an excuse to be outside rather than in. Some of that came from my parents sticking me outside on the front porch, even in chilly (not cold) conditions. Memories of hiding in a blanket but sun rays beating down is a found memory. I must have only been three or four at the time. All through childhood I spent many days outside playing with friends, building tree houses, exploring as far as I could (usually as far as my bicycle could take me).

Jump ahead to 2005. I was visiting home in Maryland while I was living in Florida. I wasn’t feeling well the past few months and while home in Maryland I stopped by the doctors. Turned out I had kidney failure. Well, that put a damper on a lot of my outdoor activities and after two and a half years of dialysis and transplant surgery recovery, I had almost nearly lost all my physical stamina and endurance. Unfortunately I didn’t get right back out there and try and rebuild my physique. It really wasn’t until late 2009 into early 2010 I finally started getting back out there. I had a kayak by this time and had purchased a new bike (the previous one had been taken while I lived in South Beach, Florida in 2005).

I mostly like kayaking and biking as my main outdoor activities. I have switched from long distance riding to short off-road trails (to help build muscle). One other thing I’ve enjoyed, going back to 2002 is geocaching. It doesn’t often have me biking or kayaking, but it has gotten me out in a number of parks, doing some hiking and a is great for me to bring my dog out in the woods to roam free.

So, this blog will be about my adventures, a lot of geocaching probably, but also biking, kayaking, and anything else that comes along. Don’t be surprised if you see some product reviews, criticisms, and even a bit of ranting. But hopefully I’ll provide an enjoyable and fun place to come check out things.

About the name: iGeoWarrior

Well, since around 2004, I had been established Weather Warrior Media as my business name and referring to myself as “The Weather Warrior”. It related to the storm chasing I was doing at the time. But I EVERYONE was a storm chaser and the title was getting a little burned out. Plus, most folks associated storm chasing with tornado chasers exclusively. I chased tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, hail, lightning, flooding and more, I just felt Weather Warrior encompassed more of what I was about.

Now, I have changed my business to Stormitecture and while I still refer to myself as The Weather Warrior, I didn’t feel it worked with my outdoor life. So, that is were GeoWarrior comes in. Playing a little bit off geocaching (geo referring to the Earth) I thought I would add Geo to my current “Warrior” type lifestyle when it comes to my hobbies and businesses. The “i” was originally just adopted for the blog (to reflect the internet presence) but to keep things consistent, will just keep the name as iGeoWarrior everywhere.


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