Updates on geocaching, some camping and more.

It has been a hard month to sit down and get a blog out. Busy month helping to complete the house sale here, and purchase a home in Florida (not mine). It was my mother and I that took a trip to Florida to move half the house first and will be making the final trip soon. While in Florida we did some camping….my mother’s first. Even as a child she had never been camping before. Did do some cabin stays in West Virginia many years ago (I was very young) but otherwise no actual camping inside a tent or anything close. She enjoyed it quite a it though, which I was surprised. Granted we did leave before some rain moved in and the weather was quite nice. Additionally, we stayed at Little Manatee River State Park which is a very nice park with full updated facilities (aka restrooms/showers). The site was quite and secluded enough for sleeping but open enough to be safe and have a little interaction with fellow campers (mostly RVers of various sizes). Lots of wildlife too. In the camp site itself, we share space with small family of spotted skunks (that’s right…skunks, but don’t worry, no spraying occurred). We saw a decent sized turtle (I actually saw two), a deer, rabbits and a few other small mammals. The great take away is that my mom says she would entertain camping again. Sounds great for the future in case I want to do some family related camping trips.

Also while in Florida (and both on the drive down and back) did a tiny bit of geocaching (and one munzee). Main objective was to add as many states as I could that I had not found caches in before. Only added two: North & South Carolina. Florida I already had and Georgia I missed due to darkness both ways. Maybe on the next trip, although timing may preclude me from that again (darkness during travel through Georgia). Outside of the trip I have completed some personal goals like getting another CITO* and as of this writing, only a couple caches away from being the most caches found in a month and making 2013 my most productive (most finds) caching year (88 in 2010 the previous record). I’m also way ahead of the personal goal of making it to 400 (currently 365) by September 2013.

Also got the bike out and did a quick ride and tested the bike out. It needs a bit of work on the gear controls, or complete replacement…which may just have me looking for a new bike. I’m sure I’ll be taking full advantage of the weather and flat terrain in Florida to do some biking because I certainly haven’t done so here.

Right now, things are still on target to be in Florida by early next Month. Probably will still be busy, but in part that will be because I’ll be out and about A LOT caching, kayaking, biking and filming and photographing the whole time.

*Cache In, Trash Out, a specific icon event that is designed to be for events that have volunteers cleaning up trash and other items from the environment, whether a park or just roadside.

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New adventures in the outdoors


I’ve always been and outdoors type person. Nothing extreme, but I do prefer outdoor activities versus indoor. I enjoying hiking, biking, kayaking and what will likely be a big focus here: geocaching.

With Geocaching, I started back in March 2002. The game was still very new. Within my local county, there was about a dozen caches and by end of summer I had found about eight of them.

Now, for the next couple years I played here and there with the game, but in 2005 was sidelined with health issues. That lasted until 2008 for which I had resolved the health issues but it look a while before I got interested again. However, the game had changed. The game was huge, Groundspeak became a corporate monster and most of the ideas of the game I had remembered from the beginning had changed. I still cached but by the middle of 2011 I had enough of the Grounspeak staff, the reviewers, the forum moderators and more. It was clear I wasn’t making any friends and began to see clear favoritism (like my request for cache publication being denied, then someone else getting the spot). I took a break for about a year and quarter. This nearly brings us back up to date. With a couple of things changing (and a pending possible move) I am returning to the hobby. Taking a fresh look (and likely including a username change) at the game and forgiving those from the past. Now will be caching in the modern way.

Now, as for the other stuff, well I don’t belong to any clubs, groups, etc. Pretty much a solo activity when it comes to the biking, hiking, kayaking and more.

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